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Founder, Paul Hopfe is a 40 year construction veteran. Each of our crews take great pride in providing all of our customers with the best service in the industry. We provide concrete pumping throughout Houston and surrounding areas and are ready to meet all of your GROUND PUMP and BOOM PUMP needs! Accelerated scheduling and multiple pours for each operator on a daily basis is not a problem for us. We utilize the latest scheduling software as well as two-way messaging for instantaneous field communications. We are ready to meet all of your pumping needs!




We are ready to schedule your pour any time around the clock!





All of our operators are attend training programs specific to our Putzmeister equipment. This is to ensure the safety of your jobsite as well as to maintain the most time efficient use of your pour time. We will always send a worker that is bilingual. Safety is our highest priority.



When you hire Bull Concrete for your project you can expect the very best in customer service and reliability. Bull Concrete continuously sets new standards of service in the concrete pumping industry and has made 'exceeding customer expectations' a standard business practice.


We are dedicated to maximizing the value of our service by offering the most efficient and reliable on-the-job performance and well maintained equipment at competitive rates.

Houston Dispatch (713) 838-5441

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